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Bess has a Lively Discussion with CVU Students

On April 9, Listen Up producing director Bess O’Brien spent an hour and a half with twelve feisty Champlain Valley Union High School students in a round table discussion about youth issues.

Bess listened while students talked about the challenges of growing up now—with the pros and cons of social media, the stress of getting into college and figuring out how to pay for it, and the daily challenges of living in a world where climate change is upon us and the need to create change fast!

Not all was bleak. There was also a lot of laughter, hope and fun in the workshop. What a bunch of terrific kids!

Bess recorded the discussion on her phone to be used in writing the script of the Listen Up musical, which will tour Vermont in the fall of 2020. Bess and her team will continue to visit schools and other youth groups during the "Listening Phase" of the Listen Up Project. To schedule a workshop at your school, email for more information.

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