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Listen Up Project presents Voices of Vermont

In 2021, Kingdom County Productions and the Listen Up Project will be celebrating Black History Month with a new project called Voices of Vermont.

Voices of Vermont is a collaborative story sharing project that will amplify the stories and experiences of Black teenagers from across the state.

We are reaching out in hopes that you or a fellow teen you know might be interested in sharing their story with us. Participants will answer a few short questions (via email) about their experiences of being a Black person living in Vermont. These interviews will be turned into a spotlight article, to be featured and shared across varying social media platforms during the month of February and beyond. Participants will need to sign a simple release so that we can share their stories freely across VT.

For more information or to us contact us directly please email our directors, Shani Stoddard or Lowry at or

**A note from Associate Director & Clinical Consultant Sarah Lowry : For those of us who are white adults recruiting young folks for this opportunity, let's remember to not make assumptions about any young person's identity or interest in this project. I want to always keep in mind that there will be young people who I may perceive as Black who do not identify this way, and there may be others who I do not perceive as Black who do identify this way. With the understanding that race is a social construction, let's take every opportunity to understand our own socialization and tendencies as we work to prevent harm and interrupt white supremacy.

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