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"My Person" Music Video Releasing on Valentine's Day

Listen Up is excited to announce the release of a music video for the song "My Person," which was written for The Listen Up Project Musical.

The video, directed by Trish Denton, was shot on December 12, 2020 with a cast of 8 teens. Due to COVID-19 protocols, the cast members remained socially distant during filming. The choreographer, Shani Stoddard, demonstrated dance movements to each of the performers, who were shot separately against a white background. The finished video will use various editing techniques to stitch these videos together and create the illusion of close proximity between the cast members.

Choreographer Shani Stoddard, demonstrates movement to a teen performer

The song, which details a romance between two teens, was written by teen songwriters Lulu Barr-Brandt, Camille Maglienti, and Lily Welch with help from songwriting mentor Brian Boyes and musical arranger Nate Venet. Barr-Brandt sings the lead vocal on the song alongside Lily Roberts. Other cast members and vocalists include Faith Awotho, Connor Brien, Sadie Chamberlain, Una Colby, Miles Ellis Novotny, Theodore Ellis Novotny, and Jojo Michaelson.

The video was shot and edited by Patrick Kennedy. Additionally, animation by Myles David Jewell will tie together the sequences in unique and unexpected ways.

The video can be viewed on this website, on YouTube, or on our Facebook page.

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Piper Messier
Piper Messier
30 abr 2021


i would be grateful that I would join for I have amazing talent and I see that you do to. I am 12 and i am a student at coventry village school


Me gusta
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