The Listen Up Project
An original musical inspired, written and 
performed by Vermont teens—touring 
the state in 2021!


15 years ago, Vermont learned valuable insights about what was important to its young people through the award-winning Voices Project produced by Kingdom County Productions. The Voices Project, based on months of conversations, poetry workshops, interviews, and submissions from Vermont teens, produced an original script with music composed by youth and cast 20 teens to tour the musical across Vermont.

Vermont listened to its youth in a way we never had before. The Voices musical toured to sold-out shows, aired on Vermont PBS, garnered rave reviews, and achieved national recognition. Now it’s time to “Listen Up” again.


What’s new in the past 15 years? Ubiquitous smart phones, social media, youth activism, and a surge in the Vermont refugee population, to name a few!


The Listen Up Project will produce another original musical that will go to the heart of current youth issues, including mental health, trauma, resiliency, friendship, love, family, community, and issues that affect Vermont and the world.

The Voices Project, 2005

Members of the Adult and Youth Advisory Boards of the Listen Up Project pose at a press conference

The Listen Up Project, launched in February 2019, includes a six-month “listening phase,” where a team of professional facilitators will create ways for teens to share their stories and ideas through writing prompts, social media platforms, submissions, group discussions, and individual interviews. Listen Up will be committed to working with a diverse group of teens including youth spanning racial, gender, ethnic and socio/economic backgrounds. After this Listening Phase is complete the material gathered will be used to create an original script for the show.


The Listen Up Project will engage today’s teens in an innovative, exciting and powerful way to tell their stories.


Get ready to listen to teens because there is a lot to hear!
"Every facet of my life has been shaped by my experience working with the Voices Project."

Annelise Shelmandine, former teen collaborator on The Voices Project

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