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Use the film as an educational tool for discussion with youth, show the film to educators, parents and your community!


FREE School link to THE film
the Listen up discussion card deck

Email producer Bess O’Brien at

Writing workshops and Mini Listen Up Pop Up Residencies  available to schools also!

For more information read the flyer below.


Praise from teachers and students across Vermont:


“I showed the film to two different sections of my 9-12 grades Creative Writing class, and they loved it! They liked the honesty with which the students talked about topics that my own students could relate to. We used the cards as writing warmups prior to watching the 2nd day of the film. I have also recommended it to the rest of my faculty. Thanks so much for making this so accessible to teachers.”

Leanne Harple, teacher


“Teens are using their voices to speak out for what they believe in. I support them 100%!” 



“One of my students stopped me in the hallway and said by watching Listen Up it helped him feel less alone. He asked if we could show it to the whole school.”

Adam Bunting, Principal


“The film is truly amazing! All teenagers need to engage with something like this!”

Margaret Albee, teacher

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