Let's stay connected through this difficult time!


Would you like to spend some of your time at home making an audition video to send us?


This is a chance for you to introduce yourself to the Listen Up team, share with us what you had prepared, or if you had not yet prepared, to prepare something to share! Share a song, share a monologue, share what you want to share to help us get to know you.

Remember this was going to be live—so don't do too much editing or perfecting! 


We want to be very clear that for those of you who really don't feel able to engage with this right now, either emotionally, logistically, or because videos terrify you, you will NOT be penalized!


We will still need to see everyone, in person, on the other side of this moment of distance—so this is an OPTIONAL opportunity to engage with the project and introduce yourself, but it is not required! If it sounds fun, do it!If it sounds like a way to use your creativity and performance skills during a time where you need to get in touch with that part of yourself, do it! If you are overwhelmed and feel like this would add stress to your life in ANY WAY—we beg you...don't do it ;)


Either way, we are thinking of you. We know you all are out there, and we want you to continue to be involved in the project (from a distance, for now). Let's stay together. 


Should you choose to do this, here are the guidelines for a submission:

  • INTRODUCE YOURSELF: tell us your name, age, what town you live in, and what we're going to see in the video

  • Perform something! (you could sing and/or do a monologue; it could be memorized or read; you could dance; do a magic trick... you could share your thoughts and excitement about the show or anything at all to help us get to know you!)

  • Upload the video here or email smaller files to info@listenupvt.org


Physical distance requires increased emotional and social connections. And it requires art. And we are here to support you in both of those things.

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